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Deploy Management, Development and Human Resources was created in 1993 and assembles a multidisciplinary team of experts in People, Organizational and Business Development. With a strong success tracking record, Deploy has delivered value to enterprises in different segments and is recognized for associating itís organizational values to itís mission since the companyís creation: To develop people and to optimize the success potential of our clients.

In a singular and dynamic way to implement our services, Deploy performs in enterprises of different profiles and organizational cultures, and establishes long lasting partnerships that turn into natural references for itís achieved results and years of beneficial engagement.



People serving People!

"Deploy" is a word that has itís origin in the French language and means, "to dispose a troupe in combat mobilization". Making an analogy with the entrepreneurial environment, we believe in the maximum potential of the human being, driven to achieving results.

Individualís and professional purposes converge for the success of the organizations and in parallel reinforce the belief in the capability of people achieving and transforming the organization environment in a better place to work and while putting individuals in motion to reaching results.

We promote a respectful, productive and harmonious environment, in which people recognize the importance of work and commitment, as well as enterprises truly realizes the value of itís collaborators for the success and development of their business.


 A Deploy




To become the national and international marketís reference as a company capable to potentialize the success of the Organizations.



To transform organizational environments, generating excellence in business results for our clients, through a set of actions oriented for the development and convergence of People, Processes and Operations.



  • Respect for people
  • Integrity
  • Determination
  • Identity
  • Team spirit
  • Commitment


About our services

The convergence of objectives and shared vision, are recurrent topics in growing companies or in transformation contexts (i.e.: business model adaptation, organizational changes, M&As, expansions,..).

The development process is built in a structured and participative way, through advanced and adapted technics of Management Coaching and Change Management.

The actions unfold in embrassing activities, jointly with the top management, the leadership and the teams, according to the specific needs and they comprise a compartmental and strategic approach.

We believe that assessing profiles and potentials, through the smart usage of adequate tools, allied with appropriate methodology, are key elements for development and success.

This way, we opt for using a set of technics that allow mapping experiences, competences, achievements and psychological characteristics that substantiate a correct and practical diagnostic of each individual and team.

Through this process, we promote changes and we manage competences within each organization: it is then possible to identify the matching or not of collaborators to be facing challenges, changes, access to promotion, and moves to new functions and then the possible gaps to be overcome, aiming to develop the individual and to achieve the business objectives.

By means of interviews and tests, in the various aspects, including behaviors identifications and assessment, we provide our customers with a detailed and comprehensive view of all profiles throughout the process.

Building Training Programs to capacitate and develop leaders and teams.

We offer motivational presentations for small, medium and large teams, aiming to activate synergy, integration and acceptability to changes and to overcoming challenges.

We believe that compartmental trainings are important tools to develop managers and teams. We count on a team of highly experienced and specialized Facilitators, both on indoor and outdoor modalities, always customized for responding to the specific needs of our clients. Our customers are special!

We keep as well an permanent eye on what is happening: we use living technics, interactive approach, games and activities that stimulate the absorption and reinforcement of new concepts by the participants.

Customer Services and Excellence Programs: These trainings are extremely dynamic and based on promoting interaction among the participants through the simulation of day to day situations, with the objective of promoting teams achievements.

We have learned that in order to stimulate real behavioral changes it is necessary to associate thinking, concepts and practice: fundamental pillars of our Development Programs!

Do you want to assess the truly organizational environment in your organization? Count on us!

Our research model can be on line or presential and offers the possibility to build customized questions, covering themes and aspects of practical interest and real need for the client.

The two modalities of performing the research result in a quantitative and qualitative report which allows a clear understanding of the levels of employees satisfaction in regards to the company, as well as the identification of strengths and opportunities to be worked out for continuous improvement. The changes come from inside out and start at each employee, materializing through tangible improvements in the business results.

Once we understand the starting point, we jointly define with our client where we want to go. For that, we build Action Plans based on the research results obtained, with a focus on responding to the needs identified together with our client.

We believe in Performance Management as an engine to promote organizationís development!

Using on line tools of simple and intuitive access, the Performance Management process happens in a practical, secured and consistent way and counting with a continuous monitoring of the evolution of each employee during the period.

Through this methodology, there is a convergence between a objectives based assessment, competences and business results, that makes feasible the adoption of a truly meritocracy culture in the organization.

All our customers count on our on line tool, participants training, implementation engagement and support during the entire process.

We work in the field, close to the teams, with the purpose of bringing them together and aiming to meet collective goals in their respective operational units, for the subsequent positive impact on the business results.

We define performance indicators which are monitored at regular time frames, previously agreed with the client. Through this process we adopt , again in close coordination with our client, a group of measures to achieve the best results.

For us, it is clear that through a greater synergy in the team we build a natural reinforcement of convergence of efforts and common sense of responsibility for achieving common objectives. Together we go farer and higher!

If the focus is to have a team that fits with the business, all starts by a well structured hiring process, with a wide market mapping and having access to recruiting sources that grant the highest efficiency and agility to the process.

Our services include as well supporting start ups by the building of the entire organization/team, with the possibility of also having them previously trained by us.

All candidates, no matter their level, go under a process of careful psychological assessment.

We build Compensation Models and Variable Compensation Programs through methodologies that grant the proper addressing and management of the salaries structure. We perform a careful analysis of the remuneration characteristics used by the company and itís business present and future needs, making it possible to build a properly customized and efficient model that can answer to the business and remains all times aligned with the best practices in the market.

As an integral part of the process, we elaborate clear and practical Job Descriptions, Comp & Ben policies and practical approach to market salaries surveys, allowing continuous and effective management.

We develop and implement Life Quality Programs in the various organizations that we work for, making it available and managing services such as labor gymnastics, physical assessment, nutritional tips, labor shiatsu, Well Being presentations and different campaigns related to mental and physical health at the working environment.

We conduct campaigns oriented to social responsibility and sustainability, in connection with Institutions, NGOs and different Social Assistance Groups, in a way that the actions can be directed to contributing to specific needs of the society and aligned with the culture and objectives of our clients.

We develop internal campaigns to mobilize the employees aiming the wide engagement to the actions, promoting a healthy environment and clumping the contribution to a better society.

We implement and coordinate Interns & Trainees Development Programs, covering the processes of Hiring & Selection, Individual Development Plans (IDPs), assessment, periodic follow ups and conducting behavioral and specific trainings.

These processes target to accelerate the development of technical and behavioral abilities of the participants, facilitating a better benefit from the on the job training period. Also aligning the process of talents acquisition and development with meeting the regulatory requirements as well as matching the best practices in the market.

Independent of the size, industry segment or background, if the objective of the client is to count on solutions to all the needs related to managing people, here is the answer.

A good reading of the organization, using on line tools and on site activities, allows identifying improvement opportunities and better alternative ways to manage people.

This Service modality consists of implementing all or a sub-set of the Services above mentioned, added to other processes associated to the specific market segment of our customer, such as: Employee Services, creation and dissemination of the Vision, Mission and Values of the company, creation and development of the companyís Culture and Identity, Motivational Campaigns, creating, implementing and maintaining HR Policies, Departure Interviews, Functional Support, Comp & Ben Management, Coordination of Technical and Behavioral Training Programs, New Comers Programs, among others.


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